Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan

I bake a range of cupcakes suitable for customers with special dietary requirements, so ensuring that those on a gluten-free or dairy-free diet don’t miss out on my delicious cakes. I can also bake cupcakes that are both gluten and dairy free, but require a weeks notice for these.

I have now introduced a small range of Vegan cupcakes - see below for more details. These can also be baked as gluten-free upon request.  Please note these are normally available by order only, and only occasionally available on our stall at events and markets.  A weeks notice for these cakes is required.

Gluten Free Cupcakes

The recipies usually reflect my standard recipe range but baked with gluten-free ingredients, and examples are shown here.

Currently the only recipe I cannot provide as Gluten Free is my Malted Chocolate cupcake.

Dairy Free Cupcakes

This is a small but increasing recipe range. No milk or milk substitutes are used in this range. Please note, these are dairy-free, so still contain eggs. If you require egg-free cupcakes, please see my vegan cupcakes below or contact me direct.

Fresh Strawberry

Fresh strawberries (from our garden) are baked into the cupcake then topped with a fresh strawberry puree frosting. Decorated with a fresh strawberry.
Only available during late June and July

Fruit Cupcake

A rum-soaked fruit cake topped with an almond frosting, then decorated with a fondant icing decoration.
Also can be made without rum if preferred.

Walnut and Coffee

A walnut cupcake made with Pure dairy-free spread, topped with a coffee icing and decorated with cappucino sprikles and a walnut half.

Triple Chocolate

A chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips, made with cocoa powder, dairy-free chocolate and Pure sunflower spread. Topped with a chocolate frosting (made with cocoa powder) and dairy free chocolate buttons.      

Candied Strawberry

This cake is baked with candied strawberries pieces, then topped with a dairy-free frosting, also containing candied strawberry pieces. Topped with strawberry sprinkles and a candied strawberry.

Fresh Blackberry

A delicious cupcake using fresh blackberries in the batter. The frosting is made using fresh blackberry puree and juice. Decorated with a whole fresh blackberry.
Only available during August and September

Chocolate Orange

A dairy-free chocolate and fresh orange cupcake, topped with a dairy-free chocolate and fresh orange zest buttercream frosting. Simply decorated with a piece of candied orange peel.

Carrot and Walnut

A fresh carrot and walnut spiced dairy-free cupcake topped with a plain dairy-free frosting. Decorated with chopped walnuts and a hand-made fondant icing carrot.

Vegan Cupcakes

Three absolutely delicious chocolate cupcakes made using only ingredients acceptable for a Vegan diet.

First is a plain chocolate cake, decorated with chocolate frosting  topped with gluten free, dairy free and vegan chocolate buttons. The second is a chocolate and walnut cake, decorated with a chocolate frosting topped with walnut pieces, and the third is a chocolate orange cupcake, decorated with candied orange peel.  These can also be baked as gluten-free on request. A weeks notice is required for these cupcakes. Please note, prices may slightly differ from my standard pricing if any special ingredients are required.

These are mainly available to order at present and are only occasionally available on our stall at events and markets.