Garden Glass

Bring Art into your garden this year with my new range of stained glass garden flowers, birds, abstract stakes and pond art.  The range of designs will be increased during the year.  All of these are designed specifically for outdoor use. The framework or supporting stake is zinc came (so won't rust), with rods inserted inside to prevent bending. The frame and decorative solderwork is then waxed to give additional protection from the elements. Sizes vary so you can find a suitable design for a border, planter or patio pot.
Please note, this display features my range of garden art, but does not signify that all items are in stock.  As my work is hand-made, some items will be available and others will be made when ordered, particularly if the customer had specific requirements. Therefore it is not possible to order on-line. If you do wish to enquire or place an order, then please contact Adrian by email or via our Contact Us page.  Unless specified, all are individual so may vary slightly in design and glass colours. All measurements quoted can vary slightly.

Flower Stakes

Beautiful red Poppy and blue Forget-me-not flowers  with silver wire decorative swirls. Finished in a shiny silver solder.
More flower designs will be added throughout the year
Measurements vary, approx 21 - 23 inches high.
Price: £20 - £25.00

Abstract Garden Stakes

Abstract panels designed for the garden.  Colours and designs will vary. Large and Medium suitable for a border. Medium and small for planters and patio pots.     Measurements vary.
Large (26 x 6 inches) - £35.00
Medium (20 x 5 inches) - £27.00
Small (18 x 4 inches) - £23.00

Pond Art Stake

Add interest to your garden pond ! A beautiful golden carp (or goldfish) within a medium blue background . Shown here  in situ next to our pond.  Fish or design can vary according to customer requirements.
Measurements vary according to design - approx 25 x 5 inches.
Price: £27.00

Robin Stakes

A beautiful robin sitting on a branch. Decorated with silver wire swirls and finished in a shiny silver solder.
More designs will be added throughout the year
Measurements vary, 8 x 6 inches and approx 23 - 25 inches high.
Price: £26.00