Cupcake Menu And Prices

Cupcake menu

My cupcakes menu range currently covers over 40 recipes, including;

Lemon and Blueberry (Mid-Late July only) Chocolate Caramel
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Lemon and Cranberry
Banana and Pecan White Chocolate & Pistachio
Lemon and Poppy Seed Ginger
Chocolate and Hazelnut
Triple Chocolate Indulgence        
Walnut and Coffee
 Rocky Road           
Stracciatella Chocolate and Brandy Toffee Popcorn
Fresh Strawberry (June-July only)) Raspberry and Mint (June-July only) Fresh Blackberry (August-September only)
Chocolate and Baileys Peanut Butter Vanilla Butterflies
Carrot and Walnut Chocolate and Vanilla Marble          Banoffee
Malted Chocolate
Hot Chocolate Espresso
Caramel Delight Chocolate Orange
Candied Strawberry
Apple and Walnut Tangy Orange Drizzle Lavender
White Chocolate and Rose Spicy Gingerbread
Pumpkin and Ginger (October only)
Fruit Cupcake Chocolate and Chilli  Triple Chocolate Easter Nests (Easter only)
Christmas Fruit Cupcake Christmas Mulled Wine  
 Triple Chocolate Christmas Pudding

I bake both standard and mini cupcakes in each recipe, so catering for all levels of appetite !

 Cupcake Prices: My prices are very competitive at:

  • Standard cupcakes - £1.35 each. For orders above 20 standard size cupcakes please contact me as I may be able offer a discount.
  • Mini cupcakes - 40p each (3-4 mini-cupcakes to a standard size cupcake, creating a good mini-cupcake pick and mix).

 Examples of some of my current range are displayed below and you can also view the Special Themes page for more inspiration.

lemon and blueberry

chocolate caramel

sticky toffee pudding

Lemon and Blueberry (New !)

A fresh lemon cupcake with blueberries grown in our garden. Topped with a fresh lemon frosting, and decorated with fresh garden blueberries.

Available Mid-Late July only

Chocolate Caramel

A chocolate and fudge cupcake with a soft caramel filling. Topped with a swirled chocolate and caramel frosting and decorated with chocolate and fudge pieces


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sue's latest creation. A date and walnut cupcake, with a sticky toffee filling and caramel frosting. Decorated with walnuts, dates, and a drizzle of caramel sauce.

(Also see our News page)




Testimonial from Michelin trained chef Paolo Rigolli : 'Absolutely delicious - the toffee centre was a lovely surprise. I now have a new favourite cupcake !'

lemon and cranberry

 chocolate and hazelnut

white choc & pistachio

Lemon and Cranberry (New !)

A fresh lemon cupcake with dried cranberries, topped with a fresh lemon frosting. Decorated with yellow icing flowers and dried cranberry pieces.


Chocolate and Hazelnut

A chocolate and chopped hazelnut cupcake with a Nutella filling and a chocolate hazelnut frosting. Decorated with a whole hazelnut and grated chocolate.

Fantastic for all chocoholics !!

White Chocolate & Pistachio

 A white chocolate, pistachio and orange zest cupcake, with a white chocolate frosting. Decorated with a sprinkle of chopped pistachio nuts.



Testimonial from Michelin trained chef Paolo Rigolli : 'Very Good !'

rocky road


banana and pecan

Rocky Road

A chocolate chip and walnut chocolate cake,with a rich chocolate frosting, topped with digestive biscuit, walnut, chocolate buttons and marshmallow. Finished with a drizzle of white chocolate.


A stem ginger cupcake, topped with a ginger syrup frosting.

Decorated with a piece of crystalized ginger.


Banana and Pecan

A fresh banana and pecan nut cake, topped with a buttercream frosting. Decorated with chopped pecans and a banana chip.

Testimonial from Clara A.. of Canterbury: 'Simply divine cupcakes !'

 Testimonial from Mel W. of Folkestone - "Absolutely scrumptious !"


 chocolate and baileys

fresh strawberry

fresh blackberry 

Chocolate and ‘Baileys’

A chocolate and Baileys cupcake with a Baileys buttercream frosting topped with grated dark chocolate.


Fresh Strawberry

Fresh strawberries (from our garden) bakes into the cake, with vanilla and strawberry frosting (made with strawberry puree) and topped with a fresh strawberry !

Only available during June/early July

Fresh Blackberry

A delicious cupcake using fresh blackberries in the batter. The frosting is made using fresh blackberry puree and juice. Decorated with a whole fresh blackberry.

Only available during August and September

Testimonial from Diana B. of Canterbury: 'Fantastic - the whole family loved them!'

 Testimonial from Karey M. of Walderslade: 'Our favourite - really delicious!'

Testimonial from Diana B. of Canterbury: 'Fantastic - the whole family loved them!'

Testimonial from Shirley M. of Folkestone: 'Really loved this - this one is your best ! '

Testimonial from Clara A.. of Canterbury: 'Simply the best !'

chocolate and brandy


new banoffee 

 Chocolate and Brandy

A rich chocolate and brandy cupcake, topped with chocolate and brandy frosting. Finished with a fondant icing decoration.

Definitely one for the dads !

Fondant icing decorations can vary.


A lavender infused cupcake topped with a laverder infused buttercream frosting, which gives a very subtle flavour.

Decorated with small purple icing flowers..



A wicked vanilla and chocolate chip cupcake with generous fresh banana and caramel filling, topped with your choice of vanilla or salted caramel frosting, a sprinkle of grated chocolate, a drizzle of caramel and a banana chip.

Testimonial from Shirley M. of Folkestone: 'Really loved this - one of your best ! '

Testimonial from Karey M. of Walderslade: 'Really delicious!'

 Testimonial from Alexandra N. of Folkestone: 'Lovely cupcakes - my all time favourite !'

Testimonial from Marilyn W. of Whistable: 'Delicious - we loved them !'

 toffee popcorn

raspberry and mint 

vanilla butterfly

Toffee Popcorn

A fudge cupcake with a salted caramel frosting, topped with toffee popcorn and a drizzle of caramel sauce. 



Fresh Raspberry and Mint

A fresh raspberry and mint (both picked fresh from our garden) cupcake, with a frosting made from raspberry puree. Topped with a fresh raspberry and decorated witha sprig of mint.

Only available during mid-June and July 

Delicious Vanilla Butterfly

A vanilla cupcake filled with strawberry/raspberry jam with a vanilla buttercream frosting. Topped with a pretty and colourful edible rice paper butterfly and co-ordinating coloured glimmer sugar sprinkles.

The rice paper butterflies and glimmer sugar sprinkles can be colour co-ordinated to match your party/event colour theme.

walnut and coffee

chocolate orange 

choc and vanilla marble

Walnut and Coffee

A delicious walnut cupcake with an espresso coffee buttercream frosting topped with a walnut half and cappuccino sprinkles.

Chocolate Orange

A chocolate and fresh orange cupcake, topped with a chocolate and fresh orange zest buttercream frosting. Simply decorated with a piece of candied orange peel.

Chocolate and Vanilla Marble

A chocolate and vanilla marbled cupcake, topped with a swirled chocolate and vanilla buttercream frosting. Decorated with dark, milk and white chocolate buttons.

triple choc indulgence 2

lemon and poppyseed

hot chocolate

 Triple Chocolate Indulgence 

A chocolate cupcake containing chocolate chips, with your choice of either chocolate fudge or chocolate buttercream frosting. Decorated with dark, milk and white chocolate buttons.

Lemon and Poppy Seed

  A tangy lemon zest and poppy seed cupcake, topped with a lemon frosting made with zest and freshly-squeezed lemon juice. Decorated with a sprinkle of poppy seeds and a yellow fondant icing flower.

Scrumptious Hot Chocolate

A hot chocolate cupcake with hot chocolate frosting, topped with grated chocolate and marshmallows.


Testimonial from Marilyn W. of Whistable: 'Delicious - we loved them !' 

Testimonial from Karey M. of Walderslade: 'Really delicious!'


 carrot and walnut


malted chocolate

Carrot and Walnut

A fresh carrot and walnut spiced cupcake topped with a cream cheese frosting. Decorated with chopped walnuts and a hand-made fondant icing carrot.



A delicious chocolate chip and Nutella cupcake with a chocolate chip frosting. Topped with chopped hazelnuts and a Nutella drizzle.

Malted Chocolate

A velvety malted chocolate cupcake, topped with a malted chocolate frosting.  Decorated with grated chocolate and a 'Malteser'.

Please note, this cupcake is not suitable for Gluten or Dairy Free options.

pumpkin and ginger 

candied strawberry

chocolate and chilli

Pumpkin and Ginger

A fresh pumpkin and stem ginger cupcake, topped with a cream cheese frosting. Decorated with a drizzle of ginger syrup and a piece of crystalised ginger.

Only available during the Autumn/Halloween period

Candied Strawberry

This cake is baked with candied strawberries pieces, then topped with a buttercream frosting, also containing candied strawberry pieces. Topped with strawberry sprinkles and a candied strawberry.

 Chocolate and Chilli

A mild chocolate and chilli cupcake topped with chocolate and chilli frosting. Just enough chilli to give a little warmth so not overly hot.

Decorated with grated chocolate and a fresh chilli ring (if you like it hotter !)

christmas cupcake

christmas spicy gingerbread

christmas triple choc

 Christmas Fruit Cupcake

A rum soaked fruit cupcake, brushed with more rum, then topped with an almond frosting. Finished with a seasonal icing decoration.

One for the grown-ups !

Also available without the seasonal decorations outside of the Christmas period.

Spicy Gingerbread

A spicy gingerbread cupcake, topped with a cream cheese frosting, and decorated with crystalised stem ginger and mini gingerbread men.



Triple Chocolate Christmas Pudding

A chocolate chip and chocolate cupcake, drizzled with melted white chocolate and decorated with a seasonal icing decoration. 

Also available without the seasonal decoration outside of the Christmas period.

new peanut butter

white chocolate & red rose

espresso 3

Peanut Butter

A crunchy peanut butter cupcake with a peanut butter frosting topped with chopped salted peanuts.

White Chocolate and Rose

A delicious white chocolate and rose extract cupcake, frosted with either white chocolate cream cheese or white chocolate buttercream, according to customer requirements. Topped with white chocolate and fondant icing roses.


A strong espresso coffee cupcake, with an espresso frosting. Topped with cappuccino sprinkles and a chocolate-coated coffee bean.


Testimonial from Mr P Kersley of Rochester "The Peanut Butter ones were a particular favourite but it was tough competition as all the flavours were excellent".

Testimonial from Karey M. of Walderslade: 'The family loved these - delicious!' 



orange drizzle 1

apple and walnut 

 new caramel delight

Tangy Orange Drizzle

A fresh orange zest cupcake topped with a freshly-squeezed orange juice and zest frosting. Decorated with a drizzle of orange curd and finished with a piece of candied orange peel.

Apple and Walnut

A fresh apple and walnut cupcake made with cinnamon and spices. Topped with a cream cheese frosting and decorated with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a walnut half.


Caramel Delight

A caramel cupcake topped with caramel buttercream, and decorated with a salted caramel drizzle and a chunk of fudge.