I am happy to undertake commissions for new pieces of glass work. Please feel free to drop me a line using the 'Contact Us' page, with your ideas and possible measurements and I’ll provide you with a no-obligation estimate..  Some examples of commission work are shown below:   

'Millie' - Weinmaraner Dog January 2020

A bespoke commission of a customer's pet Weinmaraner dog,  which had sadly died. A breed also known as 'the grey ghost'. Colours chosen by the customer. Measures 6 inch diameter

Mountain Sunset

This is a leaded light panel chocen by the customer. The setting sun amid a beautiful rose pink wispy glass sky.  Measures 12 x 8 inches

Maidstone & District Bus

A truly Kentish icon ! A Maidstone & District double decker bus in it's distinctive green & cream livery. Measures 6 x 5 inches.

Norfolk Broads Window

A bespoke commission for an internal window measuring 800 x 800mm.
The design took several weeks to include a range of features from the customer's holiday photos, and included the customer's input throughout.
The picture of the far RHS shows the design in it's 'rough-cut' stage, awaiting the cleaning of rough edges to fit. The central picture shows the completed window installed in-situ in the customer's home.
A very satisfied customer indeed !

Rainbow Arch - January 2020

A bespoke commission of a rainbow arch. The stunning rainbow spectrum finished with a black patina and polished to a high gloss. Measures 12 inches across base.

Elephant - 2018

Bespoke birthday gift commission. Wispy grey glass with a white glass tusk, with eye & tail in silvered wire. Finished with silvery solder for a shiny effect.
Measurements are 5 x 4 inches

The Deathly Hallows - April 2017

Bespoke commission for a Harry Potter fan. Black glass set in clear 'hammered textured glass.
Measures 5 x 5 inches.

Angel Face - March 2017

This commission involved creating a surround and border for a customer's existing glass painting of an angel's face. Glass textures and colours chosen by the customer. Measurement is 10 1/2 inches diameter.

Canterbury Cross - February 2017

Made to the design of the original Canterbury Cross (850 A.D.) for a customer in Herne Bay. Colours chosen by the customer and finished with black patina.
Measurement is 6 inches diameter.

Golden Labrador - December 2016

Designed and made for another local customer as a Christmas gift and using a mixture of yellow and light brown wispy glass.
Measurment is 8 inches diameter.
Again a very satisfied customer !

Chocolate Labrador - September 2016

Designed and made for a local customer, depicting their recently lost chocolate labrador, and using a mixture of brown wispy glass. Measurment is 8 inches diameter.
A very satisfied customer !

Corgi - August 2016

A gorgeous corgi, designed and made for a customer from Deal. Finished in a black patina and polished to a high gloss. Measurements 10 x 5 inches


Dachshund - May 2016

A beautiful dachshund, designed for a Walderslade couple, to match their own real-life doggie !
Measurements are 9 x 5 inches.

Front Door Panels - January 2016

A commission undertaken for a Whitstable customer. Two replacement panels for a front door of a victorian house, using a nautical theme in keeping with the seaside location.
Both panels measure 3' high by 10" wide and were constructed using the tradional lead came method, with all individual glass panes sealed with leaded light cement to make the panels weather-proof.

Royal British Legion Poppy

Completed for the Canterbury branch of the RBL, as a presentation gift for the outgoing branch president.
 A stunning icon - the RBL poppy of rich cherry red glass, set in a surround of clear textured glass. Finished with black patina then polished to a high gloss.

Racing Sailboat

Completed for Mrs Bonard of Whitstable, this was a design selected from our web site and made to specific dimensions for inclusion in a door.
Colours were selected by the customer.

Door Panel - July 2014

This commission was completed for Mrs Day of Dorking Surrey. The picture was designed to Mrs Day's specific dimensions and requirements to fit an existing doorway. The specific colours evolved with customer input during the various stages. The image shows the design in the 'rough-cut' stage .